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When big brands came in support of Transgender Community

When big brands came in support of Transgender Community

1.VICKS: Generations of Care

Vicks: Generation of Care

Vicks new ‘Touch of Care’ advertisement campaign looks beyond the obvious materials benefits of a brand, or foregoes the chance to coin a slogan to get the message across.

This advertisement for Vicks does both. It assiduously keeps the brand out of the advertising film till the very end. It also packs a twist in the tale, appeals to fine human instincts, ad joins a well intentioned cause all of this wrapped in a messages of caring to signal the brand.

2. Starbucks : Coffee brand shows how important names are for Transgender People

Starbucks ad

At the center of the ad is an issue that’s close to the heart for many transgender people and others whose identities and preferred descriptors don’t match the terms or names assigned to them by their parents and society.

Gender diverse people often struggle internally and externally when deciding to publicly go by a new name, rather than one that was assigned to them at birth.

3. Gillette: Champions gender inclusivity

Gillette: Transgender advertisement that champions gender inclusivity

Gillette is tracking gender once again as it swears to embrace and promote inclusive representations of gender in #MyBestSelf campaign.

As a brand, it has a right and a responsibility to champion gender rights, Gillette has launched its #MyBestSelf campaign that reinstates the ‘Best a Man Can Get’ tagline.

To demonstrate that ‘The Best a Man Can Get’ includes all men, Gillette has released a short film titled ‘First Shave’ which stars Samson, a real transgender teen, who is being taught how to shave for the first time by his father.

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