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Imaging the force pulling together a bunch of rocks to form Earth and still keeps your feet firmly planted on the planet, never existed.

According to James Overduin, a physicist at Towson University in Maryland who specializes in gravitation, a universe without gravity would be “completely flat and featureless.” Overduin explained that gravity is just another term for the curvature of space-time. Just as a bowling ball placed on a trampoline curves its surface, it is the presence of matter and energy that cause space-time to curve. So, if the universe can’t curve (because gravity doesn’t exist), then there can be no matter or energy within it.


If gravity suddenly disappeared, the Earth’s constituents, including its atmosphere, and oceans, and us, etc., would drift apart or even fly apart, assuming that the Earth would still be spinning.

Gravity keeps the atmosphere breathable and stable, without it, atmosphere will be suffocating. So grab an oxygen tank and carry on, right? At this point, you might be getting the cold sweats. That sweat would pool up around you, and you’d start experiencing some of the inconveniences involved with intimate physical contact in space.

Growing up on this planet, your body has adapted to pushing against the force of gravity as it constantly pulls you down. But without it, you’d start losing your bones! And if losing your biceps doesn’t scare you, think of the most hardworking muscle in your body. Your heart. Without gravity, your heart would only supply your brain and chest with blood, not your legs and stomach. Circulation of your red blood cells would drop. This means your wounds would take longer to heal, and your immune system would weaken. But none of this would kill you. What would is the lack of air to breathe.

Oceans and rivers would mimic your sweat’s behaviour, but on a much grander scale. Large bodies of water would leave the planet’s surface, breaking into smaller pools and continuing to break down the further they are from Earth and also the ocean creatures would not survive for long.

If you were in your house when the gravity switch was turned off, the oxygen rig, the water supply and a roof bumping against your head, huge hunks of the Earth would start to break off and perpetually continue to downsize.

If there was no gravity anywhere in the Universe, the same thing would happen to the Sun, and to all the stars, the planets and black holes. The entire Universe would turn into a floating soup of atoms and molecules. That would be the end of the world as we know it.

Earth with no gravity would not be Earth for long, so let’s all be thankful we have science to keep us firmly (and safely) rooted to the ground.


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