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Most Effective Ways to manage night time anxiety

Most Effective Ways to manage night time anxiety

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For an energetic and refreshing morning, restful sleep at night is indispensable. But not every day is the same and not everyone enjoys a sound sleep every night. There are days when we are transported into the dreamland as soon as we hit the hay, while sometimes we keep on tossing and turning on the bed overthinking about a particular situation or an event. The nighttime stress that turns into an everyday phenomenon leads to anxiety and panic attack. 

As per Arouba Kabir Pathan, mental health therapist and counsellor, it is alright to feel anxious before any big event. The problem begins when it lingers for a long time. “Some people find it easier to move on, while others overthink and slowly the physical symptoms of panic attacks start to appear,” she said. Sometimes the anxiety is also triggered by sleep deprivation. When some big event is due or you generally feel anxious it is even more vital to get good sleep at night. Here are some tips to cope up with nighttime anxiety.


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Exercising not only helps to get a toned and lean physique. As per Arouba, exercising releases feel-good hormones that help to manage your sleep, appetite and calm your mind. Even if you are not that much into exercising, just walking for 15 minutes every day is enough for boosting your mood and managing your anxiety.


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There is a huge misconception that meditation can only help to increase concentration. Including meditation in your daily routine can help you calm your mind and tackle the symptom of anxiety. “There are various types of meditation, it is important to find what suits you better. Meditation will help to clear your thoughts, will give you clarity and will help you feel relaxed,” she said. If you have any big event coming up, try to meditate and before going to bed and after waking up.


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Journalling would sound boring to many, but it really works. “Writing your thoughts and things that are keeping you up at night can help to find a solution to your problems,” Pathan explained. Noting down your issues two hours before going to bed will allow you to process these thoughts earlier in the day and your mind will not feel the need to go through them in the middle-of-the-night.

Practise a good sleep routine

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Sometimes your inconsistent sleep routine can also contribute to your anxiety. If you are someone who is already dealing with the issue of anxiety and restlessness then try to improve your sleeping habits. Go to bed on time, do not drink alcohol or caffeine in the evening, avoid heavy meals close to your bedtime. These small habits can help to improve your quality of sleep.

Seek professional help

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The aforementioned steps can help to calm your mind and fall asleep. In case it does not work and your episodes of nighttime panic attacks and anxiety become periodic then it is recommended to seek professional help. Therapy and medicines can help you to manage the situation in a better way.

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