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Best Bags to buy for laptops

Best Bags to buy for laptops

  1. Asus ROG Ranger
  • Asus ROG Ranger BP1502 15.6-inch Gaming Laptop Backpack. A perfect pick for gaming enthusiasts is this Asus ROG Ranger BP1502 Gaming Backpack. Asus ROG Ranger BP1502 is available on Amazon. The price of Asus ROG Ranger BP1502 15.6 inch in India is Rs.1,730.
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Asus ROG Ranger BP1502 15.6-inch

2.Lenovo Legion Recon 15.6 inch

  • Lenovo Legion Recon 15.6 inch Sleek Modern Lightweight Water-Repellent Front Panel Breathable Gaming Backpack with Padding for Gamers/Casual Use. Take your gaming laptop with you while on the go with the Lenovo Legion 15.6″ Recon Gaming Backpack. This backpack has a dedicated, padded compartment that can fit up to a 15.6″ laptop. The price of Lenovo Legion Recon 15.6 inch in India is Rs.3,890.
lenovo legion recon
Lenovo Legion Recon 15.6 inch

3. Acer Predator

  • Acer Predator is a gaming laptop and you can also take your gaming laptop while travelling. This backpack features a black and gray finish, complete with red accents. The backpack utilizes water-resistant polyester as well as a padded interior and pockets to keep your gaming laptop safe and secure. The shoulder straps provide a comfortable carrying experience. If you have a rolling traveling bag, this case can attach to it. The Price of Acer Predator Rolltop 15.6 inch in India is Rs.5,651.
acer predator
Acer Predator Rolltop 15.6 inch Gaming Laptops

4. Alienware Backpack

  • Alienware 60 Ltrs 8 cms Laptop Backpack is best brand in the world. The Alienware Laptop Backpack has a modern sleek design that mirrors the New Alienware Laptop industrial design. Durable high-density nylon constructed exterior and weather-resistant non-slip base for added protection. The price of Alienware 60 Ltrs 8 cms Laptop Backpack in India is Rs.8,999.
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Alienwear 60 Ltrs 8 cms Laptop Backpack

5. Hyperice Tech Pack

  • The Hyperice Limited Edition Backpack allows you to travel in style with the entire Hyperice vibration technology line. The Tech Pack backpack features a signature Vyper “tunnel” for easy access to your Vyper 2.0, along with a water-resistant base, spring-loaded shoulder straps, padded laptop sleeve, water bottle pocket, and media slot.You can buy this backpack from it’s own website and The Price of Hyperice Tech backpack is Rs.5,500.
Hyperice Tech Pack

6. RoadGods phenom Laptop Backpack

  • Gods phenom laptop backpack is a perfect pick for gaming enthusiasts and the best thing in this backpack is Dual storage two separate openings for Smart organisation as per individual needs. so you can easily organising gadgets and works essentials. You can buy this backpack from it’s own site and The price of RoadGods phenom laptop backpack is Rs.3,199.
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RoadGods phenom laptop backpack

7. HP Millennial

  • This millennial backpack from hp comes with a detachable bag and sized to fit Laptop and most notebooks with diagonal screen up to 15.6 inches. You can buy HP Millennial laptop from Amazon and The price of HP Millennial backpack in India is Rs.1,580.
hp millennial
HP Millennial

8. Arctic Fox

  • Arctic Fox is the world’s first Personalized Gaming backpack. This Backpack is smartly design with an array pockets so you can easily organising your gaming accessories and gadgets. Backpack including Personalized Naming kit and poncho Rain jacket. The backpack is pumped up with a unique and customizable feature, which is a mini-game that lets you to play with letter chips and icons to create your own unique gamer identity name. You can buy Arctic Fox Gaming Backpack from it’s site The price of Arctic Fox Gaming Backpack is Rs.5,999.
whatsapp image 2020 10 05 at 4.29.54 am 2
Arctic Fox Gaming Bakpack

9. Dell Gaming Backpack

  • Dell Gaming Backpack for Gamers. Dell gaming backpack keep your gaming hardware safe and secure with the Dell Gaming Backpack. with a hardy EVA molded front shield and foam padded interior, your laptop and accessories will be protected from the elements. You can buy this laptop from Amazon and The price of Dell Gaming Backpack is Rs.2,348.
dell gaming pack
Dell Gaming Backpack

10. MI Laptop Backpack

  • MI Laptop Backpack has a padded laptop compartment that can fit 15.2 inch laptop. It can also accommodate essentials such as a Charger, Tablet, Books, Power Bank, Wallet, and Sunglass. MI Laptop backpack features extra padded shoulder straps, padded mesh back and cushioned laptop support for optimal comfort and breathability. Its IPX4 Water resistant Material protect your essentials in all weather conditions. You can buys MI Laptop from Amazon and Flipkart. The price of MI Laptop Backpack is Rs.999.
mi laptop backpack
MI Laptop Backpack

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