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The Man who walked the earth: Postman D Sivan

The Man who walked the earth: Postman D Sivan

Some people go extra miles to do their work and D Sivan is a perfect example.

During his tenure D Sivan trekked through thick forest of Nilgiri mountain to reach inaccessible areas of Coonoor.

His story came into limelight when IAS Supriya Sahu posted his story on twitter:

This postman lived most of his life delivering letters and pensions from Hillgrove post office in Coonoor to near by plantations and villages, he walked through thick jungles and had to encounter wild animals several times completing 15 Km trek round on daily basis through thick jungles and tunnels.

Postman D Sivan retired in July 2020 and proves Incredible India is made up of such Incredible Indians!

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