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Japan has always known for its unique, strange, weird and bizarre culture which always shows its strength and power and new advancements to the world. Also, Japan has the greatest density of vending machines in the world and serve up just about everything you can or cannot imagine, from food to clothing to bizarre collectibles. They also sell stuff you’d never want, need or think to buy from a vending machine, and this strange vending machine content has made Japanese vending machines legendary the world over.

Horned Beetles

Kabutomushi (horned beetles) are sold out of vending machines so kids can play with them and bug collectors can add them to their collection like Pokemon. The kabutomushi machines were so popular with buyers that other types of bugs started showing up in machines, like tarantulas, praying mantises and cockroaches.


These puppy “vending machines” are actually just clear plastic cubes with a puppy in them and the price labeled on the outside, so don’t worry- the little puppers don’t have to be “dispensed” by a vending machine before they go home with their new owner.

Girl’s Phone Number

If you have the confidence and charisma to speak to women then you can get their phone number the old fashioned way, but if you lack self confidence, or you’re a creepo, then you can just buy a random girl’s number out of a vending machine!


Japanese Fish Soup

Could you imagine drinking a warm can full of fish soup, complete with a whole fish, out of a can? Well, the flying fish soup sold out of Japanese vending machines which one can take home and add to their meal.

“Used ” Under Panties

The most famous Japanese vending machine item is the used panties. However, before you go and spend your hard earned Yen in one of these machines it’s worth noting that they’re not actually selling used panties -they’re selling panties that were manufactured to appear used, adding the English word “used” to the machine to pique the interest of tourists.

usedpanties 1

A Bouquet of fresh flowers

You can get a fresh flower arrangement next time when you’re about to meet the in-laws. Plus the high cost of real estate in Tokyo makes it virtually impossible for flower shops to survive, so flower sellers must peddle their petals through a vending machine.

Sex toys

Since you never know when you’re going to need a little “artificial enhancement” in the bedroom, vending machines that sell vibrators and other sex toys, lube, condoms and anything else you can go for.

Live Lobsters

Japan is such a seafood-rich country that you can find fresh seafood wherever you go- even in vending machines! There’s even a skill crane-style claw machine game that allows people to pick up and purchase a fresh live lobster, so they can go home with both a delicious dinner and a story about how they picked a winner!

Weird Mystery boxes

In order to sell both an experience and a snack there are mystery box vending machines that sell something wrapped up and tells a little story which can be read from outside the machine, and after the buyer buys it they’re rewarded with a wrapped package of some sort of snack food, making them wonder whether the mystery box was worth the price.

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