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Lucid AIr is the fastest charging electric car ever

Lucid AIr is the fastest charging electric car ever

300 Miles in 20 Minutes

Isn’t it SO Fast?

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This Car Launched by Lucid Motors happens to be the Fastest Charging Car Ever. This car features a 900V+ Electrical Architecture with a Charging Rate of Up To 20 Miles per Minute. Sounds so amazing..! Right?

The LUCID AIR is the fastest charging electric vehicle ever offered. In real-world terms, It means this car can Go Up To 300 miles of range with just 20 Minutes of Charge.

Company says that they’ve achieved this charging speed with an ultra-high 900V+ electrical architecture, custom lithium-ion battery cells, a highly sophisticated battery and thermal management system, and exceptional powertrain efficiency.

The Car is designed to Combined Charging System (CCS) standards — so it’s compatible with any open DC fast-charging station. Whenever needed, it automatically boosts voltage to charge at the quickest possible rate at any location.

Company also said that Lucid Air owners who take U.S. delivery will receive three years of complimentary* charging at Electrify America’s extensive nationwide network of ultrafast charging stations that currently boasts 2,000+ individual chargers — 150kW through 350kW. The Lucid Air’s app and navigation system can easily locate Electrify America locations across the country and see real-time charger availability.


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