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How To Root Your Android Device And Unlock Bootloader | Step-By-Step Guide

How To Root Your Android Device And Unlock Bootloader | Step-By-Step Guide

Step-1: Enable OEM Unlocking and USB Debugging

  • Go To Device Settings>About and tap multiple times on Build Number till the Developer Option is Unlocked.
  • Now Go to developer options and look for OEM Unlocking and enable it.
  • Also Enable USB Debugging.

Step-2: Unlock Bootloader

  • Install ADB and Fastboot on your PC. (I Personally use ADB And Fastboot Lite because it’s small in size and does the Job.)
  • Connect your phone to PC and set USB mode to File transfer.
  • Install USB drivers for your phone.
  • Launch ADB and Enter Command to make sure your device connected to the PC and tap OK on your device to Allow USB Debugging.
adb devices
  • Enter the fastboot mode using the following command.
adb reboot bootloader
  • If you are having a device from Google Nexus, Pixel or any other OEM launched in 2015 or later, then enter the below fastboot command to unlock the bootloader. (Important Note: Unlocking the Bootloader will wipe off all the data.)
fastboot flashing unlock
  • If your device was launched before 2015, then use the Command below
fastboot oem unlock
  • If you did everyhing right. You’ll see a prompt on your phone, Use the Volume keys to select Unlock the Bootloader option and hit the Power button to confirm your decision.
fastboot oem unlock

Step-3: Insatll Custom Recovery

  • Download the Latest TWRP Recovery Image for your Device and put it in the ADB folder. (Important Note: Download Stable and only Compatible recovery version for your Device.)
  • And use the following Command to Flash the recovery file.
fastboot flash recovery twrp-version.img
  • A prompt on your device will ask if you want “Keep System Read Only” Select No.
  • Now Reboot your Phone using the command below.
fastboot reboot

The Final Step: Install Magisk and Get Root

  • Download the latest Magisk Zip File on your Phone and place it where you can easily access it.
  • Boot into recovery mode by pressing the Power key and Volume Up/Down key Depending upon your Device Manufacturer.
  • Select Install Buttton in TWRP Recovery Mode, Navigate to the Magisk Zip File and Select it.
  • Swipe Right to Install Magisk.
  • Tap Reboot System.
  • Now Dowload Magisk Manager App apk on your device and Install it.
  • Open the Magisk Manager App And if you see multiple green check marks.


You’ve Successfully Rooted Your Device

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