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“God of all Trucks” – Hercules 6X6 Teased

“God of all Trucks” – Hercules 6X6 Teased

If sheer size and road presence could bring in laurels, the Hercules 6×6 may have already won the top honours in the world of big and mean machines. That it claim to be the world’s most powerful six-wheeler is an awe-inspiring extra.

The super imposing truck from California-based Rezvani Motors has been teased and may well be gearing up for a commercial launch some time in 2021.


Rezvani is known to make some of the most capable and impressive products in the automotive world but Hercules 6×6 may well be its biggest dream project thus far.

The company recently took to its Instagram profile to share a teaser image of ‘God of all trucks’. This is the second time that such a teaser image of this particular vehicle has been released, the first being back in June.