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COVID-19 Lucknow New Guidlines: Permit The Entry In The Malls?

COVID-19 Lucknow New Guidlines: Permit The Entry In The Malls?

Rapid spread of Corona virus in Lucknow, The city administration has established new precautionary and restricting guidelines. These new set of rules restriction before the entry in the mall of those who visit for only show-window shopping and hanging out. Malls in Lucknow will only open for ‘serious buyers’ that too with protective gear in place. These guidelines make it obligatory for all visitors and staff to undergo proper thermal checks as well. Apart from this two nodal officers would be deployed to ensure health safety measures at the malls and shopping complexes.

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Lucknow District Magistrate stated, “Since the pandemic is still on, we have issued new guidelines for shopping malls and complexes. The visitors will be made aware that only serious buyers are allowed to enter malls. They will also be told to leave as soon as they are done with their shopping.”

These administration issued guidelines makes it mandatory for all the staff at city malls, shopping complexes, along with the visitors to uptake non-pharmaceutical measures of wearing an all health safety gear to prevent the transmission of corona virus infection. Besides malls and complexes, similar anti-COVID guidelines have been formulated for other markets and shops in Lucknow.

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