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Best Marketing Campaigns and Brilliant Advertisements by Brands ever

Best Marketing Campaigns and Brilliant Advertisements by Brands ever

Marketers put out lots of efforts in brainstorming and creating strategies to reach out to masses. We have listed out some Best Marketing Campaigns and Brilliant Advertisements by Brands ever for you. Check them out:

McDonald Brazil

McDonald’s Brazil presents the Golden Arches in pulled apart form and Coca Cola Argentina calls for staying apart to stay united in solidarity with the war against Corona Virus.

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Unfortunately there is no shortage of cracks in sidewalks and roads. Fortunately, these cracks can be a great excuse to advertise your dental business.


Color eat

How can you make a child eat that one meal that’s so important and yet that he avoids having at all cost? Backbone branding’s focus was to create with their packaging, a new, out of the box way to consume it.

Credits: Backbone Branding
Year: 2019

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What we see when you smoke

The words, “What we see when you smoke” captures the whole idea of the ad while sending a stern message to chronic smokers.


Meat Packing Campaign

The design incorporates cut out animals in the packaging to display the product and the concept cleverly displays the quality of the meat, which is a key concern for consumers.

capture 2


With the connotation with the eggs being protected by the car this is telling the audience that they will also be protected when in the car like an egg would be in there container.

Advertising Agency :Bensimon Byrne, Toronto, Canada.


Memphis Redbirds

To promote a home stand for the Memphis Redbirds, a minor league baseball affiliate of the St. Louis Cardinals, we covered a car in fake bird droppings and parked it near a busy intersection with a sign that read, “The Redbirds are in town.”

Ad Agency: Archer Malmo, Memphis, USA



During summer, air-cooler was placed inside the huge Nycil Prickly Heat Powder for the prospective customers to know the effectiveness of the powder.

Ad Agency: Rediffusion Y&R, Kolkata
Client: Nycil
Year: 2009



An interesting campaign warns the mother-to-be women of dangers related to an unhealthy diet that involves junk food.

Advertising Agency: Paim Comunicação, Porto Alegre, Brazil

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KAFA – Women’s Rights

A domestic violence PSA campaign by Lebanese non-profit KAFA strikes a powerful chord for the women’s rights movement in the Islamic world. Their wounds mimic the shape of the audio waveforms of words use against them.

Ad Agency: Y&R, United Arab Emirates
Client: KAFA

  • k
  • h
  • domestic

Danger of sharing

In Canada, Children of the Street Society reveals a shocking campaign to raise awareness of the danger of sharing intimate photos.

Agency: Cossette West


Formula toothpaste

A man tears off the corner of the poster with his teeth, demonstrating the product promise: “Strengthen your teeth”. This is the case for this campaign for Formula toothpaste , carried out in Indonesia.


Singapore Cancer Society

It looks like a pair of lungs and when you put the ash from your cigarette in it, it looks like the lungs are black – just like in the case of cancer.

Ad agency: Dentsu, Young & Rubicam, Singapore



The carry bag was designed in a form of an actual lipton clear green tea bag. A pack of lipton clear green tea was kept in it with hoola hoop and was handed to the ladies in the malls as a giveaway.

Ad Agency: DDB, Saudi Arabia
Client: Lipton


IWC Big Pilot’s Watch

Images of the IWC Big Pilot’s Watch are attached to the hanging straps in buses, so anybody who wishes to can easily try on the Big Pilot’s Watch, just on the way to the airplane.

Ad Agency: Jung von Matt/Alster.



Can you imagine bumping into this giant purse when you’re out and about? When the Dior store in New York closed down for renovations, the storefront got an amazing-looking façade as an alternative setup for the location. What a way to make a statement.

Source: Dior, New York


Oral-B again 🙂

A Braun Oral-B toothbrush that can clean anything.

Agency: Beacon Communications k.k. / Tokyo
Client: P&G Japan Braun Oral-B


St Stephen packaging

The popularity of hair accessory products, Prompt Design have created distinctive package that represents the sense of fashion through the picture of women wearing different type of scrunchie skirts.

Design Agency : Prompt Design ( @promptdesign )

  • a
  • s

McDonalds again 🙂

The fast-food chain turned heads again with a giant cup of coffee. In turn, people sharing their photos online market the brand while the company gets to sit back. The restaurant could even take it a step further by giving a discount to anyone who tagged McDonald’s on social media.


Walking in between cakes?

A delicious Ambient Ad for Charm City Cakes.


Source (Instagram):- @officialmediasamosa

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