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5 Best dialogues from Broken but beautiful : Season 2

5 Best dialogues from Broken but beautiful : Season 2

Broken but Beautiful season 2 came with lots of heart-makes and breaks. Lets check out these heart touching dialogues from the series.

Let go and move on.

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You can’t wish someone to love you if she doesn’t !

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Tum bhi to janti thi jo tum kr rhi vo kitna stupid hai , per kya tum apne aap ko rok payi !

picsart 07 25 11.46.20

Jab koi insaan apne sbse kareebi dost love ya family ko kisi hadse me khota hai vo ek time k baad usse ubhar ta hai .. lekin ek cheej kabhi nhi chodh pata vo hai -GUILT

picsart 07 25 11.47.55

Aise log jo khud ko bhool ke kisi ko itna pyaar krte hain ki vo bhool jate hain ki they themselves are worthy of love too.

picsart 07 25 11.49.41

You can also check the Best dialogues from season 1and Season 3 by clicking on this image:

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