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APPLE India Online Store: Products More Expensive Then A Brand New Expensive Car?

APPLE India Online Store: Products More Expensive Then A Brand New Expensive Car?

Apple has launched its first online store in India and is offering its full range of products and services.

As you know, Apple has launch the Apple online store in India (Mumbai) on September 23, offering Apple’s full range of products and support directly to customers across the country for the first time. The new online store provide customers with the same premium experience found in Apple store locations around the world, delivered by online team members who are ready to offer their expertise.

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The Apple Store online is the most convenient destination to shop for Apple products, with online Apple Specialists available to help with anything from custom-configuring any Mac to setting up new devices. Customers can get advice, receive guidance, and learn about new products directly from Apple, both in English and Hindi.

Apple’s most expensive device on the store is a super configured Mac Pro starting from a whopping Rs.53,02,800. One of the most powerful devices meant for professionals, Mac Pro allows for major components upgrades for a more powerful CPU performance.

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This is just the starting price. Maximizing configurations to include the most powerful processors and maximum storage and memory would push the cost up to over Rs.53 lakh. Upgrading the processor to a 2.5GHz 28 core Intel Xeon W processor with Turbo Boost up to 4.4Hz will cost an additional Rs.1,00,000.

The option to upgrade certain specifications of a MacBook or a Mac is available in many countries, including India.

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