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Apple Awards $2,88,500 To Hacker Who Found 55 BUGS In His System

Apple Awards $2,88,500 To Hacker Who Found 55 BUGS In His System

Apple awards $2,88,500 to hackers who found 55 bugs in its systems. A group of hackers has been awarded over $2,88,500 by Apple for discovering 55 vulnerabilities, some critical, in  company’s systems.

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The critical bugs allowed the group to take control of core Apple infrastructure and “from there steal private emails, iCloud data, and other private information”.

Hackers spent 3 months to finding the bugs. The hackers targeted Apple’s web assets after reading about 27-year-old Indian security researcher Bhavuk Jain who recently won $100,000 (over Rs 75.5 lakh) from Apple for discovering a now-patched Zero Day vulnerability in the Sign in with Apple account authentication.

Hackers said some of the vulnerabilities could have allowed an attacker to fully compromise both customer and employee application or take over a victim’s iCloud account. Apple resolved some vulnerabilities within a few hours after being reported.

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