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7 Most Ridiculous Action Scenes In Salman Khan’s Films

7 Most Ridiculous Action Scenes In Salman Khan’s Films

1. RIP Salman’s Shirt In Dabangg

Like cohesive plots, clothing has always been optional in Salman Khan movies with any film that’s sans a topless scene considered a major deal breaker by bhai fans. But among all of these (which honestly deserve their own list) Dabangg remains the gold standard with Chulbul Pandey’s police uniform spontaneously ripping off his body out of sheer force of will and anger and intensity… or something.

film companion dumbest action scenes suchin dabangg

2. Race 3 – Rocket Launcher

Shirtless Salman? Check. Shirtless…Bobby Deol? Check. Random oversized rocket launcher that somehow activates by giving it a little shake? Check. I think that’s all there is to really say about this one. This spectacular piece of art entirely speaks for itself.

film companion dumbest action scenes suchin race 3

3. Salman punching with both fists simultaneously

This scene, in which he tackles the village goons by punching them off with both arms at once. Not since Henry Cavill’s reloading arms in Mission Impossible: Fallout have we been more transfixed by a fight sequence.

karan arjun punch

4. Tubelight

The force is strong with Bhai Jedi. He can move mountains by simply showing his hands and gnashing his teeth.


5. Sultan

Salman doesn’t have to be dragged to gym. He drags the gym.

10sultan 1

6. Kick


7. Jai Ho


-“After watching Salman Khan’s movies”-

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