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5 AMAZING  Artists Who Took Art To The Next Level

5 AMAZING Artists Who Took Art To The Next Level

Making Hyperrealistic Portraits With A Single Thread.

Alfred Cheng is an artist based in Hong Kong. He makes portraits of people by using nails and weaving one single thread through the nails on a canvas. We went through his process and learned how he is able to do something as intricate as this, and then we saw a reveal of a finished piece.

Artist Benjamin Shine Irons Face Portraits Out Of Fabric

Fabric is not an easy material to work with, but Benjamin Shine has made it his primary medium in an unexpected way. His process is all about ironing tulle into hyperreal sculptures of portraits that look like they’re rising out of smoke.

Indian Artist Uses Thousands Of Nails To Create 3D Art

Wajid Khan, from Indore in central India, completed his first nail portrait, of Mahatma Gandhi, in 2005, which took three years to complete. Since then Wajid has produced a series of portraits of iconic figures including his most recent, an image of Mother Mary and Jesus, made from 115,000 nails.

He also uses stones to create beautiful masterpiece

Artist Makes Portraits On Glass With Just A Hammer

Simon Berger is an artist who works with a hammer and glass. He has figured out a way to crack the glass so precisely that it creates an image of a face. It’s a delicate process that has taken him three years of trial and error to get right. Sometimes it takes him one try, but other times it can take him five. One wrong hit, and he’ll have to start all over again.

Illusion Sculptures Only Appear If You Stand In The Right Spot | Master Craft

Michael Murphy is the artist behind Perceptual Art. He creates illusionary sculptures that form portraits of people, words, or objects, but that you can see only if you’re standing in the right place otherwise, it just looks like a bunch of tangled wires or globs of plastic pieces.