DC’s Superman Henry Cavill To Play This Marvel Character | Details Inside

If things turn out to be true, Cavill might enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe too, and this is the casting coup we all deserve. Below is all you need to know about this exciting update.

God of Jawlines Henry Cavill has become a heartthrob across the globe, and there can never be too much of him on the big screen. While there is already a lot of commotion around him returning to DCEU as the mighty Superman, the latest reports, mot confirmed, have a huge gossip to offer.

Talking about Captain Britain, the character is no new to the MCU film line up. Peggy Carter has already referred to him in Avengers: Endgame if you missed it and it is quite possible.

Henry Cavill has made a career out of playing iconic and powerful characters but it may possible he will play as “Captian Britain” for Marvel.

It has been almost a decade that the actor donned the Superman costume. But he has been a lot picky about where he wears the suit. This resulted in him playing the legendary superhero just thrice in 10 years. Making its way to the mainstream is the update today.

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