Apple Patents A MacBook Design That wirelessly Charges iPhones & IPADS

Apple has patented two new designs that may allow MacBooks to wirelessly charge other devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches, reported Patently Apple.

They describe two-way charging coils that can be used to charge the MacBook itself, but also used to allow the MacBook to charge other devices.The patents also show an iPad charging an iPhone and Watch (right), and follow a separate patent application for a MagSafe battery case, which can charge both an iPhone and a set of AirPods.

Apple begins by noting that although it is working toward standard cables – with only the iPhone now left to transition to USB-C – each device may require its own power supply, which may be less than convenient, especially when travelling. Apple’s work on this invention dates back to its original patent filing in March 2016.

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