Ikea Opens its second store in Mumbai as grand as 10 football fields

IKEA opens its second store in India on Friday and it is a sight to see. The store matched up the hype as hundreds of people rushed into the store amid Covid Pandemic fear. Store has iconic Big format and minimalist design.

Store with its size of almost 10 football fields has capacity of around 10,000 people, although due to pandemic only 2500 people will be allowed to visit the store in single time. The store also offers a 1000 seater restaurant with variety of cuisines to choose from. The canteen is offering its iconic meatball but without pork or beef keeping in mind of religious sentiments and also the locals favouriate Biryani.

To explore more then 7000 variety of Furniture options one can visit the store by pre-booking the slots, two weeks prior to visit.

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