Baby elephant celebrating her Birthday with cake may cure your Monday blues

There are many things that can induce a happy feeling in one’s heart. These photos of one-year-old elephant calf Sreekutty’s birthday is one such happy event. The birthday girl celebrated her day in Kappukadu elephant rescue centre in Thiruvananthapuram on Sunday.


Sreekutty was rescued from a forest in a serious condition just two days after birth. She was carefully nursed back to health by the rescue team.

There was a very slim chance of the calf’s survival and that’s when Dr E Eswaran of the rescue centre took special care of the little one. For six months he made sure to feed Sreekutty a healthy diet consisting of baby food, tender coconut water and peeled bananas.


Sreekutty celebrated her birthday along with 15 other elephants at the rescue centre. Each one of them was treated with a delicious feast for the occasion. The celebration was also attended by State forest secretary Rajesh Kumar Sinha. What are your thoughts on this happy event?

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