Assam oil well fire burning for 150 days becomes India’s longest gas blaze

The blaze that started on 9 June, following a gas blowout in Baghjan area, has raged for about 150 days now, making it the longest such fire in India. Three people have died in trying to contain the fire, which initially forced 3,000 people in neighbouring villages to leave their homes and take shelter in makeshift camps.

Locals affected by the fire are demanding speedy compensation
  • A similar fire in an oil well – operated by the state-run Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) – in Assam’s Sivasagar district in 1967 was contained after about 90 days of efforts
  • A blowout and fire in another ONGC facility in Pasarlapudi of Andhra Pradesh state took 65 days to control
  • A fire at a well of the OIL in Assam’s Dikom area in 2005 took 20 days to contain
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