IPL 2020: ‘Maybe they thought I’m retiring’ – MS Dhoni’s stunning explanation on why players collected his CSK jerseys

‘Definitely’ and ‘not’ were perhaps the two most trending and impactful words of the cricket world on Sunday when used together.


WhatsApp statuses, Twittter feeds, Facebook timelines, Instagram stories – ‘Definitely not’ ruled everywhere. Accompanying the words were a photo of MS Dhoni in yellow, albeit in different moods and positions. The Chennai Super Kings captain had made the world know that IPL 2020 won’t be his last. He would return in the next season, which is barely ‘five months away.’

“Good to see you’ve got some jerseys left, everyone has been sneaking some jerseys from you,” said presenter Harsha Bhogle when Dhoni walked up to have a chat with the official broadcasters after CSK’s 9 wicket win over Kings XI Punjab.

“Maybe they thought I am retiring, you know. I retired from international cricket, so they might be thinking I am retiring from IPL as well,” was Dhoni’s reply.


“Definitely not, right?” was Bhogle’s next question referring to the earlier statement of Dhoni at the toss with Danny Morrison. “Definitely not,” Dhoni said for the second time last night.

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