Covid-19 Vaccine candidate ‘Covaxin’ targets regulatory approval by mid – June 2021

Hyderabad – based Bharat Biotech expects to file for regulatory approval of its Covid – 19 vaccine candidate , Covaxin , by June 2021 , provided the results from the trials are satisfactory , Sai Prasad , the company’s executive director told the Economic Times . The drugmaker is to start the Phase 3 trial of Covaxin with over 26,000 volunteers next month after receiving the go ahead from the Indian drug regulator .


But he hinted that the authorities have the option of issuing an emergency approval before that . “ The emergency approval is not in our hands . The drug controllers of India have all the data that we have and at any point in time they can give the emergency approval if they want , say , for first responders like doctors , nurses , military or certain bureaucrats , ” he said .

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