INS Kavaratti to be commissioned into Indian Navy today: All you need to know about warship

INS Kavaratti has up to 90% indigenous content. It is the last of four anti-submarine warfare (ASW) ships under the Navy’s ‘Project 28.

Here’s all you need to know about INS Kavaratti:

  • It is the last of four indigenously-built ASW under ‘Project 28’ or or Kamorta-class corvettes of the Navy. It’s a class of ASWs currently in service with the Navy.
  • ‘Project 28’ was approved in 2003. The other three warships under this project are INS Kamorta (commissioned in 2014), INS Kadmatt (2016) and INS Kiltan (2017).
  • INS Kavaratti has up to 90% indigenous content. The use of carbon composites to build it has been described as a ‘commendable feat achieved in Indian shipbuilding.’
  • The warship has been designed by the Navy’s in-house organisation, the Directorate of Naval Design (DND). Kolkata’s Garden Research Shipbuilders and Engineers (GRSE), meanwhile, has built it.
  • Further, it has state-of-the-art weapons and a sensor that can detect and take action against hostile submarines. It also has a good endurance for long-range deployments.
  • It has completed sea-trials of all its systems fitted onboard and, hence, will be commissioned as a combat-ready platform.
  • INS Kavaratti derives its name from the eponymous INS Kavaratti, which was an Arnala class missile corvette. The older INS Kavaratti operated during the 1971 Bangladesh liberation war.

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