A Navratri experience in vibrant Vadodara  where you get hold of your favourite dancing partner and sway to the tunes of Bollywood music.

While the rest of the country celebrates this nine-day festival as a victory of good over evil, welcoming Lord Ram back to Ayodhya and so on, the state of Gujarat goes a step beyond and turns it into this cultural extravaganza. You can travel from Ahmedabad to Baroda by cab and as soon as you will enter the city, you can see celebrations at its full swing and you can see people painting the town a rainbow with their attires. Apparently, no one sits at home in the evening during Navratri, at least not in Vadodara.


The best place to be

There are about three or four major public arenas where the dance and music events are held. And one will get surprised to discover that the festival is less about the Gujarati community and more about who is ‘best-dressed’ or the ‘best performer’.

The United Way of Baroda is one of the major venues for Navratri celebrations and attracts the largest number of people to participate and dance their heart away. From their choice of music to the trance-like ambiance, to exceptional singers, this place could give the grandest Bollywood dance sequence a run for the money! There are about 30000 people turns up at the United Way for each day of Navratri, which is 100 times of the places for Dandiya. You will see visitors in their best ethnic ensemble, dancing to the rhythm and beats of live and electronic music.


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