Ten Of the Worst Drunken Tattoo Stories

1. The drunk kid who got 17 of his friends’ names tattooed on his leg after they tell him “you won’t”

2. This man woke up after a boozy party with a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses tattooed to his face

3. The woman who woke up with a penis tattooed on her shoulder


4. The man who woke up with Justin Bieber on buttock

5. The man who tried to tattoo his face using a printer cartridge

6. The man who passed out at party and woke up with this message on his back

7. The husband who was dumped by his wife over a 6-inch penis tattoo down his leg after drunken prank

8. This man is an arcade game where you can put your coins

9. The man who got drunk and inked the worst ever Pokémon tattoo on his stomach

10. Grandpa regrets his drunken naughty tattoos

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