Gay Couple in US Marry In Karnataka’s Traditional Kodava Attire

The Kodava community in Karnataka’s Kodagu (Coorg) district has called for ostracisation of a man who married his gay partner in the United States because he chose to wear the Kupya-chele, the traditional Kodava attire, during the ceremony on September 26. Sharath Ponnappa Puttichanda, belongs to the Kodava community, while his partner Sandeep Dosanj is a North Indian settled in the United States.

The Picture of the weeding also surface online. However, the kodava community criticised the man for wearing the traditional attire and wrote to the community’s president in the US, seeking his expulsion from the community.

Sharath and Sundeep married on September 25 in a Sikh-Punjabi ceremony held on the day followed by a traditional Kodava ceremony on the next day. Photographs from the second ceremony featuring the couple in traditional Kodava attire were shared widely on social media  in Kodagu district.

Kodava attire worn in Gay Wedding in the US has traditionalists upset

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