Top Indian LGBT Influencers on Instagram

After a long battle in the supreme court, the LGBT+ community finally claimed major success by getting the Article 377 decriminalised on September 6th, 2018. We have documented some exceptional noteworthy personalities and groups from the LGBT+ community who influence lives through Indian Instagram accounts.

1. Durga Gawde Studio

Smart, Rebellious and distinct 25-year-old Durga is an educator, performance artist & TEDx speaker is looked up as one of the key Indian Instagram LGBT influencers. Bringing in significant changes in society and shaping ideas on the queer community are major goals of her account.

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I was woken up with a package with this amazing beautiful and colorful book inside it authored by a member of my chosen family @parmeshshahani This is Parmesh's second book. I did a quick speed reading of the endnotes to go over all that this book includes. Cannot wait to start reading it and sharing all the learnings with the world by inculcating all that I can from it, into my real life. This book is avaliable to order online! Google it! Get it! Educate yourselves! Think of the world that we are creating as we get through these #pandemic times, and the world we want to live in, in the future. Create the futures you want to see! #THErainbowrevolution #NonBinary Repost by @reposta.app_ ——— Thank you dear @htbrunch @kkuenzang @jamalshaikh for this interview. Karishma I loved talking to you for like 2 hours in the crazy rain with the bad Vodafone connection and OMG you mentioned that as well 😆 Big hugs!!!! Folx, you could read the article by going to my website in the profile and then the media section. A super big thank you to dear @gurudhamal who set up a mini studio inside @thelightbox_godrejone in the middle of the pandemic just so that we could get this picture for HT. Love you Guru!!! 🙏🏽 #htbrunch #ht #LGBTQInclusion #LGBTQ #LGBTQIndia #DiversityandInclusion #Lesbian #Gay #Bisexual #Transgender #Queer #InclusiveWorkplaces #Equality #Diversity #bookstagram #instabooks #newbook #booksofinstagram #queeristan #businessbooks #business #innovation #india #fashion #fashionista #indianfashion #gaymen

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Durga have 12.6k followers on Instagram account and flaunt her best looks on it. Talking on social issues, atrocities towards the Queer community are primary on her account.

She recently featured in a live video with RJ Malishka from 93.5 RedFM in Mumbai discussing on the realities and importance of the pride month. She use to wear a rainbow every single day to preach love & humanity.

2. Alok Vaid Menon

“I had to learn to perform “boy” so that people wouldn’t harass me” recalls vaid-menon. Vaid used to write poems as a teenager, and this helped him cure his pain, agony and trauma instilled by the society.

A gender non-conforming performance artist and writer, Alok runs an Instagram page with 217k followers.  Being featured in leading channels like HBO, MTV, BBC, CNN & new York times, they have presented their support and opinions on 500 venues in 40 different countries.

3. Alex Matthew

Mayathedragqueen has 13.1k followers on Instagram account and brings in a lot of positive messages in support of the LGBT+ community.

One of India’s rare talent, Matthew goes by the name “Maya the Drag queen” and performs to express. The 30-year-old artist identifies self as Queer and created the character “mayamma” who is relatable with a background story which inspires the listeners.

4. Gaylaxy magazine

This special magazine was started in 2010 by Sukhdeep singh, a gay rights activist in India. The Instagram account has 2k followers and represents the vast culture of the LGBT+ community.

The Gaylaxy magazine releases regular articles to bash the rooted misconception that the indigenous queer community is an outcome of the westernization, globalization and liberalization.

5. Vqueeram Aditya Sahai

With over 8.6k followers on Instagram Vikramaditya takes a firm stand on LGBT+ issues.

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had to take a loved one to the hospital today. between worry and courage, one overheard intermittent conversations. people who cared were angry, frustrated, resentful to those sick (or diagnosed otherwise) about their daily habits. one woman scolded her seventy one year old husband (glimpsed that on his file) for doing things that people who love him tell him not to. he should listen. a mother and her sister reprimanded a son who goes to the gym too often. another mother was consoled by her daughter to not be so despondent and she should stop looking so sullen. you’ll be fine she said half as truth, half in force. perhaps with enough force somethings become truth. with the emergency ward below us, people being moved from rooms to rooms with a tube and instrument more than dignity needs, with death just the most proximate possibility, one would wonder how can people be so petty to be angry at those they love who continue to walk out of the docs office and into their homes after a visit with only a bunch of meds in hand? not only is to be brought so close to where life and death lay beside one another so irritating, what the visit showed was how death isn’t some event but all the times we choose to not care to live wisely enough. the soft scolds, the simmering words held back in pursed lips, the eye rolls all about the ways in which we could have avoided this visit had you not eaten this or not done that are the ways in which death is what is carefully avoided in listening to loved ones, in living together, in being more bearable of other’s ideas of our interest. life is, the opposite of death, to be able to hear a loved one’s insensitive words. the conversations i heard didn’t seem petty to the pervasive great suffering but cognisant. they were irritated but they were there. they were protecting a loved one from suffering even as they hurt them with harshness the patient did not need. the hospital staff were the only ones capable of laughter while everyone else was trying very hard to live next to each other. to love someone who betrayed them by eating the wrong food and risking death. how to love those who can leave you so carelessly? leave for another dessert?

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He teaches at Ambedkar University, where he is famous for keeping an unconventional view of the gender binary. His work on gender inequality, violence on LGBT+, ideology and opinion can be traced on social media platforms.

6. Anwesh Sahoo

The Troy Perry award Recipient and youngest ever Mr. Gay World India winner, Anwesh is all about inspiration. He is admired for his art, creativity and Intelligence therefore is one of the loved Indian Instagram LGBT influencers.

He won the crown in 2016 at the age of 20 and stood firm in the long LGBTQ activism. He is a multitalented personality. A TEDx speaker, artist, writer, blogger and performer, Sahoo lives in Delhi and is the creator of the Effeminare which you must check out to get a dose of positive creativity.

7. Priyanka Paul

She goes with the Instagram name Artwhoring, which signifies Dignity in labour. The account illustrates some crazy, funky and idiosyncratic art pieces depicting Women power, body positivity and mental health.

Her account is everything you would love about queer and showcases creativity in its best form. Priyanka has received global fame due to her artwork and owns an online store where she sells unique merchandise.

8. Sushant Divgikar

Popular for his drag queen character “Rani KoHEnur” Divgikar bagged the winner cup for Mr. gay India 2014.He is a singer, performer and drag artist who expresses opinions glazed in relatable stories. Sushant is a mind blowing performer, best known for his confident presentations and praiseworthy skills in performing art.

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