AMAZON Unveils New Rivian ELECTRIC Delivery Van Model-can Travel 241km On One Single Charge Inc. revealed an electric delivery van model being built for the retail giant by Rivian Automotive Inc., an early step toward getting 100,000 similar vehicles on the road in the next decade.

Amazon last year placed the order, the largest electric vehicle purchase in history, as part of a plan to eliminate the company’s contribution to greenhouse gas emissions by 2040. It aims to have the first vans on the road delivering packages next year.

Amazom first custom electronic vehicle

Amazon on Thursday unveiled one of its custom-made 100% electric delivery vehicles that can travel up to 241 Kilometers on a single charge. Designed and built by EV startup Rivian, the vans come with exterior cameras that provide 360-degree view, Alexa integration, sensor-detection and three levels of shelving. Amazon’s plans on getting 1,00,000 similar vans on the road by 2030. India to get 10,000 electric vans by 2025.

Amazon First Custom 100% electric Delivery Van

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