7 most WTF scenes from Indian TV shows- Look at your own risk

1. A shape-shifting lizard named Lavanya assuming her reptile form to marry Divya’s fiance in Divya Drishti.

 2. Simar turning into a makkhi. Enough said.

 3. Two naags French-kissing in the only way they know how to

4. Doctor using ‘scotch brite’ as defibrillator because you know what, pandemic mein sabka budget kam ho gaya hai so just please just be happy with what you’re getting.

 5. Gorilla falling in love with Thapki in Thapki Pyar Ki.

6. Gopi Bahu washing her husband’s laptop like 2020 washed away our happiness.

7. A couple trying to kiss through face shields, keeping up with the dystopian times we are living in.

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