Shaktimaan returns: Trilogy bigger then ‘Krrish’ Announced by Mukesh Khanna

Mukesh Khanna, who played the eponymous superhero in Shaktimaan, has confirmed that a sequel is on the cards.

Actor Mukesh Khanna, best known for playing the titular superhero in the TV show Shaktimaan, announced that he will be making a three-film series based on the superhero. 

 In an Instagram post on Friday, the 62-year-old actor made the announcement in Hindi and wrote: “Ab baat duniya ko batane layak ho gai hai ki Shaktimaan dobara abtarit ho raha hai. Ji haan Shaktimaan ke doston , ab officially ye bata raha hoon ki main Shaktimaan 2 le kar aa raha hoon 

Mukesh Khanna wrapped his post with a promise that the new Shaktimaan films will be bigger than Hrithik Roshan’s superhero franchise Krrish, and also Shah Rukh Khan’s Ra.One – Mr Khanna appears to have misspelled Ra.One as ‘Raavan‘, which too is a movie but a crime thriller and not a superhero sci-fi one. 

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