India and Japan have agreed to closely cooperate and develop the 5G and 5G Plus technologies with the help of other QUAD strategic dialogue members – US & Australia, Isarel. The development of next generation telecommunications technologies will be discussed between QUAD Foreign Ministers in a meeting in Japan next month.

According to authoritative government sources, while India & Japan have decided to pitch in for 5G and 5G Plus technologies, India is also eyeing the 3GPP, umbrella mobile telecommunications standard organization, and has been successful in the global standards consortium to accept the first Indian rural standard for telecommunication.

India & Japan to Tied up for 5G Technologies

“India and Japan have decided to closely cooperate and develop the 5G and advance technologies with US and Australia ramping up technological support. We are also taking help from Israel. There are discussions on within the government and our 5G policy will take a final shape in the coming days. But Japan will be a close partner nevertheless,” said an official involved in the exercise.

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