Harley Davidson Exits India: Services will be continued for existing customers

Harley Davidson is one of the most expensive bikes in the world. and now, Harley Davidson has decided to end operations in Indian market. Harley Davidson’s announcement of closing its manufacturing operations in India and reducing the size of its sale office in Gurgaon does not come as a surprise. Recently, the American crusier brand revealed that it is withdraw from several international markets and focus only on 50 odd highly profitable ones.


In India Dealers To Continue Offering Sales, Service. Harley Davidson in India sold only 2500 units during last financial year, the Indian operations weren’t up to the HQ’s expectations. To make the situation worse, the outlook has been strongly affected by the ongoing pandemic situation. So, as a part of Harley Davidson’s ‘Rewire’ medium-term restructuring strategy, The Indian operations will be wrapped up. The move will lead to job losses of approximately 70 employees in India. Harley Davidson arrived in India about 10 years ago. In all, they have sold about 25000 motorcycles in the country till date.

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