The CW’s SuperHero TV show Supergirl starring Melissa Benoist finally came to an End with Season 6. This will be the Second show to Conclude following TV Show Arrow which ended after 8 Seasons earlier in 2020 where Oliver Queen aka The Arrow died saving the Multiverse and ended up Creating Earth Prime while removing the other Earths from Existence.

Supergirl was first launched on CBS in 2015 and then joined CW with the beginning of it’s Season 2 where Benoist got the chance to get Co-Starred with Barry Allen from the Show The Flash, Oliver Queen from Arrow, Sarrah Lance from Legend’s of Tomorrow & Tyler Hoechlin who played the role of the Superman in Arrowverse.

Arrowverse Elseworlds Crossover Trailer

In an Instagram Post, Benoist said “Portraying the character of Supergirl has been an Honor and changed her life for better also taught her strength she didn’t know she had”.

The last Season of SuperGirl includes 20 Episodes and likely be aired in Mid-Season of 2021 but the date of the Premiere has not been set yet. Production of the Show is scheduled to begin later this month.

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