Samsung introduced its free TV app to Galaxy phones

  • The Android app offers the same access to free TV shows and movies, including kids’ shows.
  • You’ll need at least a Galaxy S10 or Note 10 to start watching.

Samsung revealed that the free TV streaming service will be available “in the Galaxy Store and Google Play for select Galaxy smartphones” starting September 23rd. The app has 135 “channels,” some of which closely resemble traditional TV channels (like CBSN or Bloomberg), while others function like looping playlists of TV episodes (e.g. the Kitchen Nightmares channel).

This free mobile TV app could keep you entertained even if you’ve exhausted your queues on paid services. Of course, it’s also a help for Samsung’s bottom line. You may be more likely to buy a Samsung phone or TV if you know that you’ll have a load of free videos waiting, even if they’re not as fresh as the latest Amazon or Netflix original.

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