WANDAVISION Trailer just dropped, and there’s a lot to unpack in this 50’s shitcom look alike

Marvel Studios has released the First Official Trailer for it’s Latest Upcoming Series WandaVision the trailer begins in black and white Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany appear to be living out some short of ‘50s era TV sitcom’ as a regular married couple. However Wanda soon realizes something is off and they break out off their Black and White into a technicolor montage of television History.

WANDAVISION Official Poster

These details have been teased before, but what comes next is even weirder. Vision seemingly escapes whatever simulation of mirror universe they are being held in and breaks into real world where he meets Kathryn Hahn, who appears to be dressed as a witch in a black robe and pointy hat.

Who does Kathryn Hahn plays in WandaVision?

She’s the Marvel Comic witch, Agatha Harkness.

They have shared stories such as training Wanda as a witch before,later appearing to her protege as an incorporeal projection The scarlet witch uses this energy to become pregnant (weird, we know) but it’s later revealed that her twin children are actually shards of the Demon Mephisto (Again, weird).

Marvel’s WandaVision is “coming soon” to Disney+ according to the trailer, and expected in December 2020.

Watch full trailer of WandaVision here:

WANDAVISION Official Trailer

The Official WandaVision Trailer is out now and looks very Promising as every Marvel Fan is eagerly waiting to see…What is Coming Next Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4?

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