Ragpicker spends Rs 10 Lakh to buy Land, installs his own statue

Nallathambi, who is a resident of Atthanurpatty in Salem District, Tamil Nadu buys a land of Rs 10 Lakhs to erect his own statue.

Photo of Nallathambi

Nallathambi said he had a dream since childhood to make a name for himself. “I have a statue of my own. I have now fulfilled my home,” said the man who left his family around 20-years ago. 

Five feet tall statue of Nallathambi

Nallathambi had save all his money since his days as a mason. With all that money, he bought two plots of 12,00 square feet each on Vazhapadi-Belur village road. 

After getting the land, he contacted a local sculptor and paid Rs 1 lakh to him to get the life-size statue ready.On Sunday, Nallithambi installed the statue on his own land equipped with a pedestal and a canopy. Though there is a steady stream of curious onlookers at the site, Nallathambi plans to formally inaugurate the statue soon.

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