Thai MP “Ronnathep Anuwat” was snapped flicking through nude photoS at the parliament

Ronnathep Anuwat went for budget meeting in Bangkok last night but instead he opened a series of clear images on his phone and watched them for more than 10 minutes where he made a bizarre excuse, claiming to have received a messages from a girl who was ‘asking for help’ and ‘wanted money’.

Ronnathep said that he was looking those images in detail as he was checking the background to decide if the girl was in danger and wanted to ‘observe the environment surrounding the girl in the picture’. The observation was necessary as he feared she was ‘being harassed by gangsters who had forced her to take the pictures’.

Ronnathep will not face any action over looking at explicit images while in parliament as House speaker Chuan Leekpai said the matter was ‘personal’.

This is not the first time when a Thai MP caught red handed. In June 2012, Bangkok MP Nat Bantadtan was also caught flicking through porn on his phone during a constitutional amendment. 

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