The story of biggest Conman of india who sold Taj mahal thrice: The great natwarlal

His cleverness was seen as art and was represented by movie of same name starring Amitabh Bachhan. He was a master of disguise and used most unique ideas to dupe people.

Natwarlal victims have huge names starting from the TATAs, the Birla’s and even Dhirubhai Ambani and even duped tonnes of businessman with fake checks.

His biggest scams counted from selling Taj Mahal, Red fort and even parliament house along with its 545 sitting members.

He was wanted in more than 100 cases by police of 8 states, and was imprisoned for 113 years whereas he served only 20 years. He was arrested several times, and escaped from jail 8 times.

Last time he was arrested in 1996 and escaped while he was being taken to AIIMS hospital for treatment and was never seen again.

By living up his legend he also died twice once when his brother claimed that he cremated in Ranchi, 1996 and twice when his lawyer asked to drop all his remaining charges as he died on July 25th 2009.

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