World had witnessed many times about the existence of the history of hindu culture. Likewise, explorers and scientists have found a similar SHIVA-LINGAM as Amarnath in Werfen, Austria. These are the Eisriesenwelt ice caves in Austria and Demaenovska Cave in Slovakia. Eisriesenwelt (German for “world of the ice giants”) is the world’s largest ice cave and is a popular day trip from Salzburg.

Austria’s efficient train system will deliver you to the town of Werfen from Salzburg in just over an hour but once you get to the town you have to go up. Way up. A shuttle will bring you up a windy 3.5 mile road to the visitors center where you have to continue your uphill climb on foot to a cable car after that you will have to climb for 20 minutes at an altitude of over 5400 feet was now in sight. The entrance to the world of the ice giants looks like it was plucked straight from a fantasy novel and would make a great setting for Game of Thrones (No white walkers will be spotted during this trip).

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