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Most useless but humorously sarcastic videos on youtube

Most useless but humorously sarcastic videos on youtube

There are hundreds of video tutorials teaching you how to drink water, stand, sit, open gates, wash hair, eat, chew, jump, turn on/off the lights, open the window and many more useless shit that is getting views in millions. And what we get a pinch of salt in a full sack. ;(

1. How to drink water

This video really got 500K views on youtube where a girl is just telling how you can drink your water peacefully.

2. How to open the gates

This video got over 2.8M views which tells how this video was really helpful to the people. See this below and then catch up the video.

how to open gates meme 4661 1

3. How to grow money on trees

From your childhood, your parents are taunting you with, “paise kya ped par ugte hai”. I think this next video will help you out.

4. How to eat chips

Do you remember the last time your uncle bring you a pack of chips and it got expired because you don’t know how to eat it. This next video will help you out with that.

5. How to pick up a blue chair off the ground

Uhhhhh!!…. But the mystery is… Does this works with red chairs?

6. How to cut pizza

Thank God! I got this video. See what i did before…

b2f 1

7. How to Breathe

You guys heard that song, “Saason ki jarurat hai jaise bas ek sanam chahiye”. Perfectly defined tutorial….

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