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10 facts about Batman and the Joker’s rivalry Only true Comic fans know

10 facts about Batman and the Joker’s rivalry Only true Comic fans know

Perhaps no comic book feud is more intense than that between 10 facts about Batman and the Joker’s rivalry Only true Comic fans know . Since Batman #1 in 1940, the two have been bitter foes, and their fight has raged across the DC multiverse, with terrifying ramifications for a number of individuals in Gotham and beyond. Batman vs the joker is one of the biggest feud which is witnessed in DC.

10 facts about Batman and the Joker’s rivalry Only true Comic fans know

1.The White knight

In the DC Comics world, there are endless versions of Batman vs the Joker, and their rivalry occasionally takes on odd dimensions. One of the oddest is in The White Knight tale, where the Joker turns a new leaf after Batman forces him to ingest stolen medications.

Batman and the Joker's rivalry

When the rehabilitated Joker joins forces with the Gotham City Police Department to build an anti-terrorism team dedicated to thwarting vigilanteslike Batman, their dynamic is turned upside down.

2.The Man Behind The Red Hood

Part of the reason for the toxicity of the competition is that it began in a vat of hazardous chemicals. At the very least, it could have. One of the many Joker origin legends has Batman pushing or allowing the Joker to plunge into these poisons. Detective Comics #168 published the first version of this story.

Batman and the Joker's rivalry

At the time, the Joker is known as the Red Hood, a common criminal in Gotham. Versions of this storey would reoccur in later DC Comics canon, as well as in many TV programmes and movies, but the exact origin of the Joker remains a mystery to this day.

3. Batman Saves The Joker

After his ordeal, fans might expect Batman to accept any harm done to the Joker, but he actually saves the Joker from death at the hands of Nightwing. Batman resuscitates Dick Grayson after he beats the Joker to death, mistakingly believing Tim Drake had been slain by the supervillain.

4.The Joker Kills Batman (And Brings Him Back)

When the Joker killed Batman, he demonstrated that he was a complete monster. When the Joker gained the cosmic power, he became Emperor Joker and met his horrific end. This was one of deadliest Batman and the Joker’s rivalry witnesses till date.

The Joker takes advantage of their animosity by killing Batman every day for a long period and in the most heinous ways possible. Superman is the only one who can save Batman, but the pain of his experience is too much for him to bear. Superman bears the brunt of the Spectre distress for his buddy and comrade.

5. Under The Hood

Jason Todd’s assassination by the Joker is one of the most shocking killings in the history of DC Comics. It’s understandable that a resurrected Todd would go after the Joker, but he probably didn’t anticipate Batman standing in his way.

Jason Todd assumes the Red Hood character, which was originally connected with the Joker, in order to drive Batman into a scenario where he must murder the Joker, but despite all of the horrific events throughout their rivalry, Batman refuses to break his code. He realises that even if he killed the Joker, the story would not stop there.

6. For A Long Time, It Wasn’t A Rivalry

Despite the fact that the Joker is widely regarded as Batman’s greatest enemy and possibly the greatest villain in all of comics, their rivalry was effectively put on hold in the 1960s. Between 1969 and 1973, the character did not feature in any Batman comics for four years. This came after a time in which he appeared less and less throughout the 1960s.

With Batman #251, he was re-established as the best villain in one of the greatest Rogue’s Galleries in the history of comic books. Denny O’Neill’s “The Joker’s Five-Way Revenge” depicted the reappearance of a more evil Joker.

7. The Joker’s Real Name

Despite decades of intense Batman and the Joker’srivalry and possibly knowing each other better than anybody else, Batman has no idea what the Joker’s real name is. He didn’t know the Joker’s true name until he sat in the Mobius Chair in “The Darkseid War” comic book tale.

The reader is kept in the dark about the name, but Batman is taken aback. Despite the fact that the narrative was published in 2015, the character’s name has yet to be revealed, and it is unlikely to be because it would undermine the character’s mystique. It does seem to imply that the Joker is considerably closer to Batman or Bruce Wayne than he previously imagined.

8. Flashpoint

The multiverse also provides viewers with the most unique picture of the rivalry. Batman and the Joker are married in the alternate reality of the Flashpoint comic book event. This is because the two are actually Thomas and Martha Wayne, Bruce Wayne’s parents, who were assassinated by Joe Chill in this scenario.

9. Clown Prince Of Darkness

The Joker, like Batman, has alternated between menacing and ridiculous phases. Fans may not realise that the animosity Batman vs the Joker was extremely perilous from the start. People were routinely slain by the Clown Prince of Crime, either by shooting them or infecting them with Joker Venom, a precursor to the toxin he’d utilise in subsequent iterations.

During his early comic book appearances, he derailed a train carrying scores of people and attempted to kill both Batman and Robin on multiple occasions, which would not seem out of place to modern readers.

10. The Truth Is Confused

It’s likely that Batman is playing with the fact of their rivalry in the same manner that the Joker does with the truth of his origin. In the 2020 mini-series The Three Jokers, Bruce Wayne admits that he knew the Joker’s actual identity from the moment he first saw him.

This contradicts what is depicted in the Mobius Chair event, as well as accepted canon in DC Comics history, in which Batman is unaware of the reality. It could be because of the ambiguous nature of DC canon, or because Batman vs the Joker’s rivalry.

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