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10 best dialogues from Broken but beautiful – Season 3

10 best dialogues from Broken but beautiful – Season 3

Here are best dialogues from broken but beautiful season 3 for you:

Obsession never ends, it just shifts

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Aisa kya tut sakta hai do logon ke beech ke tukde bhi na mile !

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When there is extra lipstick on your lips and extra dazzle in your smile, you’re definitely screaming in pain from within and chances are that no one can hear you because the music is too loud.

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Sometimes the moments that gonna change your life are the moments you never expected.

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You know what, she has given me something that no one ever has… Magic!

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Broken things can be beautiful too.

picsart 08 07 01.02.53

Uske saath jo tha uska to koi naam hai hi nahi, Yes, I loved someone but someone lived me. Aur kabhi kabhi zindagi guzar jati hai farq samajhne mein.

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Main pyaar karti hu tumse, tum nahi karte toh na sahi, mera pyaar kaafi hai, main kaafi hu.

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I wanted so much something so much ki maine apne aap ko convince kar diya ki wo pyaar hai.

picsart 08 07 01.17.01

Naam banta hai risk se, chut*ye bante hai ishq se.

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